Michael Morwood engagements Michael Morwood engagements


Michael and Maria will return to the USA in early April through to June.

April  8th        Fort Worth, Texas

Easter            Phoenix, AZ

April 22nd     Seattle CTA

April 28-30    Vancouver Is

May 7-12        Maryknoll, NY

May 16           Palmyra, Pa.  Evening talk on Prayer.

June 2-4        Kirkridge, Pennsylvania
Re-Forming. The Call to be Faithful in our World
Our lifetimes have seen the greatest transformation of theological/spiritual belief ever. These years have featured radical questioning of authoritative religious beliefs, awareness of human dependence on a healthy planet as an essential component of a healthy spirituality, new understanding of humanity’s place in the universe, appreciation of and respect for varying sexual identities, and the failure of institutional religion to keep pace with the changes in thinking and practice.

Where are now as we build on the shoulders of some who have gone before us and of some still among us? The weekend offers the opportunity to explore and share our own personal faith journey in these times, to share the convictions we have arrived at, and to articulate the ground on which we want  stand in the years ahead. 

June 7-8       Vancouver    Program with Maria  
June 16-17   McMinnville, OregonLumen Christi​ Community
                                                   Program with Maria         

The program with Maria is: Re-Envisioning the Second Half of Life.
This program is an invitation to people in the second half of life to explore the source of their faith in the context of their lived experience. Its focus is the link between inner wisdom and a contemporary spirituality. The program is based on the conviction that people can move from merely age-ing to sage-ing by consciously choosing how they want to live their later years. 
Maria has qualifications in education, theology and gerontology. She is a Sage-ing Circle Facilitator and a member of Sage-ing International. Michael is the author of nine books on spirituality and the need to re-shape Christian imagination and thinking. 

Groups in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland or Europe interested in Michael's plans for speaking there, contact Michael via email.

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