Michael Morwood

It’s Time
Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith

It’s Time challenges the outmoded notion of God in scripture and Paul’s transformation of Jesus into a cosmic figure, “the Christ”, who gained access to the heavenly realms.
Morwood maintains that doctrine is used as a controlling mechanism to safeguard institutional claims of unique access to a heavenly God, and the authority to speak on behalf of that God on important issues. The insistence that doctrine is certain, unchangeable knowledge does not stand up to reasonable, open, scholarly examination.

 “Here is the most monumental agenda ever to confront the Christian religion. The Council of Nicaea, the Reformation and Vatican II almost pale into insignificance in comparison. Christianity has to make the most radical change imaginable. It has to return its focus to the human reality of Jesus. It has to focus on Jesus’ preaching about this world. It has to honor the reality of the Divine Presence everywhere, in all people. It has to re-articulate its identity and its role in the world, based on Jesus, not on Paul and not on gospels influenced by Paul’s Christology.”

This book is available in Australia from this website and also in Kindle format.
As an adult faith educator, Michael Morwood brings many years’ experience to bear on the crisis of faith confronting Christianity in general and Roman Catholicism in particular. His proposal is radical: discard doctrine shaped in the imagination of a heavenly deity who denied access to himself, replace it with a twenty-first century understanding of the Divine Presence permeating the universe, and focus on Jesus as the human expression of that Presence